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Celebrate Our Creator!

With all God has created for us -- this unfathomable world; our amazing bodies; the food, air and water we need to survive; love; families; and more -- suggests we really should make time to Celebrate Our Creator!

Reflecting about Creation and about God as our creator provides a strong foundation for belief in our triune God, our loving Father, counselor, f and savior.

That' why GIFT created Celebrate Our Creator curriculum and materials. These materials have been used in Sunday School and Vacation Bible School and can be simple reminders that we were designed with a purpose and are all part of God's family.

Celebrate Our Creator also reminds us that we are all part of God's family, all brothers and sisters. And we should be concerned about one another and about the world we have been given to live in.

Indeed, God, as our awesome creator, deserves our worship and praise. God concerns Himself with the well-being of all His children, and He wants us to experience His love and share His love with one another. He really does deserve our love, our appreciation, and our worship.

The complexities of this incredible world and the interdependencies between elements in this world -- such as our body's dependency on a symphony of foods for optimum health, including fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, seeds, olive oil, and high omega 3 fish -- argue forcibly that there was a creator who had the wisdom and power to design all this. Consider, the seeds God initially created have continuously propagated and reproduced -- even by themselves -- to provide a harvest for us to live on today. The foods our Lord created yield sufficient nutrition to sustain billions of people and countless creatures on the earth. This awesome complexity couldn't have just happened or evolved without design and flawless execution

Psalm 136 captures the worship we should afford our awesome Creator: Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good. His love endures forever. Give him who alone does great wonders...who by his understanding made the heavens...who spread out the earth upon the waters...who made the great lights...the sun to govern the day...the moon and stars to govern the night...and who gives food to every creature...Give thanks to the God of heaven. His love endures forever.

GIFT recognizes that God, through Jesus Christ, created the world and sustains it today. He has given us so many gifts that are to be treasured and shared equally among all God's children. And every life is part of all His good and perfect gifts coming down from above. Indeed every person, every talent, and everything we enjoy is from our God. And we have been created in His likeness -- in the likeness of our awesome Creator

Let's give credit where credit is due!!! Let's Celebrate Our Creator!!! Check out this exciting example of celebrating our creator from David Garibaldi:

The fact is: man has never created anything that lives. Not one thing. Not the animals and plants that we depend on for nutrition. Not our awesome bodies. Not even a drop of blood, let alone our circulatory system or inter-dependent body of systems. God, through Jesus Christ, created everything!

Celebrate Our Creator Curriculum

Here is a link to curriculum material that can support the Season of Creation, Care For Creation and Earth Day efforts:

Here is a link to the GIFT Shoppe and also Celebrate Our Creator material that can purchased for event education and fun.;

At GIFT, we believe a key building block to faith in God and our transformation is reasserting God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit as our awesome creator. Especially considering the world's focus is turning increasingly away from God and toward evolution alone -- and is in fact discrediting creation. Many now teach there is no Creator. Which eliminates a fundamental Christian truth: that human beings are created in the image of a creative and loving God, with great dignity and creative potential, which is at the heart of Christian revelation. And it dismisses that we were created with a purpose, that God has a plan for us, and that He wants us to be with Him eternally.

It also denies the fundamental truth that we are all blessed with the GIFT of life as children of a loving God, that we're all brothers and sisters - and that we should be concerned about each other, about justice and peace, about equality, and that we should live a life of love and compassion for one another just as Christ loves us.

All this denial of God's creation, of God as our Creator, is sad. And the ramifications are so sad - and unacceptable as an offense to God.

To give God thanksgiving and worship, GIFT will be continually developing creation-oriented scripture curriculum, content and merchandise. This includes a line of merchandise that encourages and enables us to Celebrate our Creator.